Download BugMeNot Firefox Toolbar

The Bugmenot Firefox Toolbar works on Macs and Windows.   It allows you to search all of the Google, Bugmenot, Yahoo, MSN, and about 12 other search engines.

Your browser will look similar to the image below if you choose to install the Bugmenot bar.

Here are some cool things about the Bugmenot Firefox Toolbar:
----No Spyware, adware or other garbage...but you don't have to take our word for it.  The nature of XUL, which is what our copyright code is written in, allows for you to see that there is no 'bad guy' stuff in the bar.
--It comes loaded with all of the Google engines, Yahoo, MSN, and a few other engines (see image 3)
--It includes Bugmenot search
--It includes
--You can add any search engine(s) you want

How do you add your own engines? 
The images below shows how to access your engine manager so you can add engines.

The Firefox toolbar works on Firefox 0.9.0 and higher, Including Preview 1.0...need to upgrade?  Get Preview Here

  If you have any questions about the Bugmenot Firefox toolbar, or you are having problems installing it, please send us an email. We will respond as quickly as possible

PR1.0? When you select download, an "edit options" box will appear in the upper right. 
Click it, and select "allow"  Now you can install the bar.