-What browser is supported?
Currently, only Firefox 0.9.0 and higher. 
-How is this different from the Mycroft bar that comes on Firefox?
First, the Mycroft bar is pretty cool, and it comes with Firefox, so that is a plus.  There are few differences between the two bars.  Highlighting, jump to search terms, delete search engines that you no longer use, simple engine manager instead of having to go to mozdev to add an engine, blogging for the diffent blogging systems.  Those are the biggest differences. Update: if you want to only view the Firefox toolbar and not the search box that came standard on Firefox..Right mouse click NEXT to the search box, select "customize" and drag the search box off the browser.

-Is there any spy-ware or ad-ware on the bar?
It should go without saying, but I think that the question should be addressed.  Nope, not a single line of code of spyware, adware, popups, popunders, or any other garbage. 
The bar does do a 'version check' (the same way the googlebar does a version check) when you open Firefox to make sure you have the most current version.  That means when you open Firefox, the bar checks into our server only to see what version you have installed.  If we have updated the toolbar in some way, then you will get the updated bar.  One reason we might update the bar is if one of the blogging companies changes a destination for one of the links we have on the bar.  If we don't update the bar, that link won't work. 
The bar does NOT collect or store any information such as searches you made, websites you visit, your email address, your favorite color, your favorite TV program....or anything beyond the bar version and your IP number.  Why your IP# ?  When the bar checks the version on our server, as a normal process, the server logs the IP#.   If you have questions or concerns about how the bar updates, contact us
How do I add a new search engine?

This is one of the coolest features of the Ultrabar.
Simply go to the search engine you want to add.  Type  "ubterms" (no quotes) in the search box.  That search engine will now automatically be added to your search engine selections.
UPDATE- this cool feature only works on engines that provide results via get, not post.   If  for some reason that doesn't work, contact us
-How do I change the search engines?
Simple, just click on the name of the current search engine.  That will open a drop down listing of all of your search engines.  Just pick the one you want.  COOL FEATURE- If you have a search term in the search box, when you select a new engine, the Ultrabar will automatically search using the new engine.
-Can I have more than one toolbar at a time installed on my machine?

At this time, you can only have one copy, or version of the toolbar installed on your computer.  When you install a new bar, it will over-write the current bar that you have in place.
-I installed the bar, but I can't see it.  What do I do?
On the top of the browser you should see the word "view".  Select view, then select "toolbars" and finally check off Ultrabar.
-Can I change the default search engine?
Yes, you can change the location of any search engine 
-I would love a custom bar for my blog, but you don't have one built for my blogging system, what can I do?
You can have the blogging provider give us a ring.  We would be more than happy to create a custom toolbar for all of their clients to use.
-How can I be sure I have the current version of the toolbar?
As mentioned above, the bar will automatically check in with our server to make sure you have the most recent version. 

Would you like a custom Mozilla/FireFox toolbar for your company or your company's Intranet?  Contact Us