About us

So, who are we and why did we create the Firefox Toolbar?
Vpop Technologies is the team behind the Firefox Toolbar. While Vpop is a small company, we have done some big projects. We wrote NewsHub, OpenSRS, UltraBar, and most recently, Blogware.

Our company is led by three brothers, Tom, Joe, and Pat McDonald.
Tom runs the company as the CEO, Joe leads the programming team, and Pat leads the sales team.
While the brothers do a pretty good job of running things, Vpop wouldn't exist today if it weren't for the dedication and hardwork of all of our awesome employees. 

The googlebar is great, but you can't customize the search engines.  We figured we would allow people to add all of their own search engines.  We also thought that we should make it easier for people to post or access their blogs (that is why we have so many different toolbars.)

Enough about us.  Do you have any feedback that can help us to make these toolbars better?  Tell us.

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