Privacy Policy

The UltraBar is meant to be a useful tool for you, not a means to gather information about you or the places you go. Based on this, UltraBar does not collect any information about you other than what is contained in our Web server log files. Virtually all Web sites have log files which list the pages being viewed and how many times those pages are accessed. This is all that we track and it is in a very generic format, without specific IP#s, etc. listed. Our raw log files do contain this information but we do not analyze it for the purpose of determining who is accessing our site and the raw log files are only kept for 90 days or so.

The slight data archived by Ultrabar is not available to any third party for any reason except in the event that Ultrabar is required to provide what little data we have to law enforcement or other legal entities. Since we have no means of contacting you (because we don't track you), you would not be notified of such an occurrence.

Also, unlike much of the "Free" software out there today, UltraBar does not secretly or otherwise install additional software when the Ultrabar is being installed. Often times "Spyware" is installed when free software is downloaded which watches what you do, even pops up ads from time to time or worse. Be assured that you are only installing the components necessary to power Ultrabar directly, nothing else.

-Team Ultrabar

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