Customizable, toolbar for Firefox/Blogger    (FF Ver.0.9.0 and higher)

The Blogger Firefox Toolbar is slightly different than the standard Firefox toolbar.  It has all of the features
and functions of the standard Toolbar, but it adds a few blogging components that will make posting and
navigating your blog a little easier.

There are a total of six (6) images in this demo.

When you first install the UltraBar for Firefox, the top of your browser will
look something like this:

This next image shows you exactly what separates the Blogger Firefox Toolbar from the
Standard Firefox Toolbar.

The next three images deal with your search engines.
Here are the search engines that come pre-installed on your Firefox Toolbar

Jumping from engine to engine is a snap.  Select the new engine from the drop down and the new engine will do your search immediately!

As mentioned above, managing your engines is a snap.  Click on the Firefox drop down and select "manage engines"  That will open the image below which will allow you to move/add/delete any engines you like.

What is "BlogThis" ?

"BlogThis" is an easy way to post to your blog without visiting your blog. With the "BlogThis"
link on the Firefox toolbar for Blogger, blogging will be a snap. 

When you click "BlogThis", a mini-interface to your blog is pre-populated with a link to the web
page you are visiting, as well as any text you have highlighted on that page. Add additional
text if you wish and then publish or post from within the "BlogThis" window.

Here is an image that shows what will open if you highlighted this text and selected "BlogThis"
to post to your blog.

That is pretty much it for the Blogger demo. 
As you can see, the Firefox Toolbar is easy to manage, lets you access and use your blog, search
any search engine, and even offers hilighting and "jump to word" 
Ready for the next step?  Just click the "Download" link below and you are all set.  Enjoy.

Download Blogger Firefox Toolbar

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